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 Name: Kendra Leigh Wilkinson
 Nickname(s): Calls herself a goofball.
 Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)
 Birthday: June 12, 1985
 Active Since: 2004
 Known For: The Girls Next Door.
 Occupations: Model & A Reality Star.
I love watching boxing with Hef and rooting for my favorite football teams. Being in Playboy definitely changed my life because I get to meet the people I want to meet and they all know who I am, and it`s like the best feeling in the world when the know who I am. Hef saved me, basically. He kind of took my life and made it into something. Now that I have my grill I definitely feel more like gangsta. I met her at the party and in the days immediately afterward I called her and said, 'This may be presumptuous, but I know you're in college and you're going to be off during the summer. If you have any interest I'd love to have you come up and stay here at the mansion. I was fascinated with her. There is nothing better than a bunch of balls hanging down from your door! I was living day by day, working as a dental assistant, living on Easy Mac and Spaghettios. I first met him at his birthday party, and a month later I officially moved in. I didn't know much about the world of Playboy before I moved to Los Angeles from San Diego,
BUT I took to it right away. - Kendra Wilkinson ♥
I don't necessarily enjoy putting on makeup or getting my nails done,
But life at the Mansion perfectly suits me. - Kendra Wilkinson ♥