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 Name: Keys
 Nickname(s): Keys_TheBeast.
 Height: Unknown.
 Birthday: April 11, 1989
 Active Since: 2008
 Genre: Hip Hop.
 Occupations: Unsigned Rapper.
I aint know y'all was listening to these faking ass birds and shit,
I aint know they was making up words and shit.
Fuck five stars tell 'em Keys is a galaxy,
The rap game's hungry tell 'em that I'm calories.
I am an infection, how you gon' stop it?
I'm all up in ya bloodstream no anti-biotics.
If you wan' try me, you know where to find me,
I'll be in my den eating bitches where the lions be.
I saw the ComeUp bitch I never felt ya...
You're a Harajuku Barbie then i'm gonna melt ya.
Shit sounds stupid, who the fuck talks like that? Ima motherfucking bully I aint worried bout the fame. I'm speaking for the hood they say you wack I'm sorry...
I'm a grown ass woman, what I need with a barbie?
&nd when them boys tried to play I'm like no you [ D U M B ]. Ya bars is Inexistent like the Gats you got
&nd that shit sound Faker then that Ass you got
I'm Keys what good is that getting Latches Locked.
Bitches get mad when a real bitch come hard...
They wanted me to knock but I cant I bombard...
Keys go hard like cheese without the plastic...
I'm tryna take the hoes to school and get these girls scholastic.
You be on the happy shit Keys be on that smack a bitch! She say she hot.
I think she not.
I'm like I'll handle it.
I dont fuck with fragile shit 'cause I'll most likely damage it. I'm 'bout that real hip hop like tupac and biggie rap.
I'm on them big footprints you do that itty bitty step.
Bitches talk so tough I just laugh you not. When it comes down to bars Keys be plasmic hot,
No I'm hot like hanging out the window passing cops.
Father had a daughter but im so Son of Sam on em.
Turkey bacon chickens but Key 'gon go ham on em.
The girls pebbles but Keys 'gon bam bam on em.
The play I wrote called "Fuck You"...
They say: Keys you curse too much...
I say: Oh yeah? Fuck You! The End! *drops mike and exits stage right*
It's easier to like uncomplicated people...
That's why I'm public enemy #1 a lot of people cant figure me out...
When I write the pen just moves on it's own...Then I have to go back and see what it wrote... Oh yeah by the way..Unless it's material for school or sumthin'...
I DO NOT READ ESSAYS!..Don't waste your time.. #thatsjusttoomuch
Keys was on BET THE DEAL??
Oh shit...Planet Bum has officially invaded Planet commercial...
Marching all alone..I'm a mutherfucking spartan..Running down the street gunz drawn call me martin...