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 Name: Tila Nguyen
 Nickname(s): Tila Tequila or Miss Tila.
 Height: 4' 11" (1.50 m)
 Birthday: October 24, 1981
 Active Since: 2001
 Genre: Unknown - Lmao.
 Occupations: Singer-Songwriter & Glamour Model.
I'm not advocating being a stripper, pornstar, etc.. etc...
I'm merely just saying...don't judge others. We all gotta make a living.
Don't hate the player, hate the Game.
If you want to play, expect to win or lose.
I play TO WIN baby! Every time..
The more you hate on me....the more I'm getting $$$$$$$....
So thanks haters! While you hate for FREE, I'm getting paid to LOVE!
&&. 4 all the females hating on me for my blog,
callin me a hypocrite...It is not my fault YOUR MAN LEFT U! Get over it!
Sometimes it really is just you against the world,
but as long as you keep believing in yourself, u still have a chance to win the battle...
I once planted a flower of love, 1 day it bloomed, but by itself.
So I watched it slowly die, as I helped play a hand in it's death....
Changing the world doesn't happen overnight,
but when you pick a night to start changing the world, the world will change in time.
It is easy to judge another, when you have not walked in their footsteps,
But it takes a brave soul to embrace love with an open Mind.
There's a difference between being nice & letting others take advantage of you.
.....Respect yourself, Know ur worth, and u shall receive!
Life is not worth living if you dont wake up to set new goals to reach everyday! Exactly one year ago...
I listed 5 things that I wanted to get done within the next year.
They all came true. I cant believe but to believe it!
you will never see what the rest of the world has to offer you,
what awaits u, until you let go of your fears, and ride with the waves......
If u worried about what "others" might think, just remind yourself...
FUCK THEM! They dont pay your bills, they dont make your life...YOU DO!
I used to be just a regular girl from Houston, TX who had a dream.
I fought through the storms and the sun eventually came back! Here I am.
Message to all my ladies, if you starting to get sprung on dat vibrator...
Remember, he dont love u like he say he do! and put a condom on it!
I am a perfect example of "living life to the fullest" I mean..look at me.
Do I seem to give a fuck what anyone says? NOPE! Das Y im happpy!
I have a "W" tattoo'd on both sides of my butthole..
so when u look at it, it says "WOW" and "MOM" if u flip me upside down....
Flossin' round the city errbody know my name...
yea I got yo man whipped Bitch wit no game...
sucka ass fool I dont wanna wear ya chain...
He da typa dude dat me N ma gurls laugh at, tryna holla at me,
naw he cant have dat, even if I popped some pills I wouldn't tap that! OW!
I defy words beyond thy enemies throw.
I keep it classy, forever sassy. Ignorant minds do not surpass me.
I aint tryna fuck ya man, lookin at my myspace lotion N his hand...
when he look at U he B thinkin Bout me Take ya Benz back Bitch now I got da key!
I close my eyes N deep submerge, the frantic screams R now distant I count 2 30,
heartbeat slowing down, I see flashes of my life before i drown.
I ain't tryna fuck ya man, Errbody know he my #1 fan,
I done been there done that, bitch and? U wanna get mad bitch I dont give a damn!
If u feel alone, that U are not, theres 6 billion people, stuck in the same spot.
So dont be sad, just be glad, you're still alive it's nothin bad.
That's too bad baby, I would have been your lady,
but you getting mad over something shady, that's mad stupid crazy. Take you back? Maybe.
Life aint EZ, but you have a choice. Keep ur happiness N speak ur voice...
A lesson learned, once U get burned. Dont give up U get what u earn...
1 last moment 2 share my soul, a very rare glimpse of how I roll.
This 1 is 4 U my soldiers in the night. I <3 u all. keep up the good fight.
Pretty pretty girl, no need 2 cry. The birds R singing U a lullaby.
The world is yours thats Y ur here. Ur not alone. Wipe away those tears.
I like to write and share my words, a side of me so rare to the world.
But when I flow, my words go deep. I feel too much, but I'm not weak.
The world ain't ready. My flows so hard, people start to envy.
How can a girl be so truth? I got it all, I pimp my juice.
The world always tryin 2 bring me down, but I fear no 1, I only break grounds.
1 Life 2 live, and I live it fully. No regrets, I just do me.
So many secrets inside my head, I toss N turn, alone in my bed.
My soul too deep 2 share w/others. So I masquerade 2 entertain fake lovers.
When I was born I came alone, therefor I built my very own thrown.
Queen of my castle, no rules apply. Cuz Im a Queen that came from da sky.
Death fears me I do not fear death, I have once before taken its breathe.
6 times they came but never got me. I'm still alive even though you shot me.
Pleasure N pain its all the same, the truth I speak drive people insane.
I spit no game, I have no shame. Ride with me N ur life will change.