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 Name: Katrina Laverne Taylor
 Nickname(s): Diamond Princess.
 Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
 Birthday: December 30, 1978
 Active Since: 1998
 Genre: Hip Hop.
 Occupations: Rapper & A Model.
I see the boys break they necks when i walk on by; Fat ol' ass thick ol' thighs. If you don`t eat pussy, get the fuck out of here! Pussy stay wet; sex so good. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all? Diamond princess; straight VVS Stuntin'. Addicted to the glamour life, but the guttah runs through my veins. Mrs. Trina baddest bitch that's right; Diamond princess running 3.0.5. All my girls in the club working fa a dub,
work that pole and let them hoes know what's up.
Ya whole career is worth one of them diamonds in my ear. I don`t want coca money, I want Oprah money.
Vida loca money, you can keep that poker money.
Light gray eyes, hour glass frame.
Still got the crown for 'best ass in the game'.
10 years strong you should act like you know me.
Hair so fine make you do the hokey-pokey.
A good stroke in and a good stroke out.
Now thats what I'm all about...I'm the baddest!
I'm in the air, I don't hear bitches corny raps.
the baddest bitch is back, the baddest bitch is back!
Beef is when these hoes say my name in the streets.
Beef is when they fame only last a few weeks.
Beef is when I help you selling records just like I do, now thats beef.
Hips of a goddess, watch how I throw 'em...
So good it make 'em wanna tattoo my lips on 'em.
You dissin for promo, you dissin me is a no-no. Beef is when a bitch titties looking like they sleep.
Beef is when the clothes lookin like dirty sheets.
Beef is when I help you selling records just like I do, now thats beef.
You get the left over hits, so bitch get on the band wagon or get left over bitch. Don't talk, just give me that good D. can't nobody do it good just like me. Whipped cream; let me be yo dessert. Let me see if you can beat it up real; go fast and wind to the tempo. Let me see if I can put the whole thang in.
Cruise with it, pull it out, put it back in.
Oh yeah I like it just like that, let me see if you can hit it just like that.
And don't be scared, you can pull it; ain't no tracks.
Hell yeah you can be my daddy 'cause I like it like that.
Push in, you ain't gotta pull out. keep going I need me a workout. Need me a boss, like Rick Ross.
Ain't trickin' if you got it, what I need gonna cost.
So I know you gon give me what I came fo'. Let me climb up on top, I'ma get low. What the devil got to say 'bout the bad bitch now. Talk to ya man when I get ready; Have him blowing stacks I aint petty. See these jewels, they cost grands.
More than the price of the rock on your hand.
Tryna dig a bad bitch, you ain't no clue. Fuck them bitches, fuck them hoes.
Same dirty bitches and the same dirty clothes.
Talk that shit but be at my shows.
Why you worried about mines, I ain't worried about yo's.
And I feel like I'm tha shit; I feel like I run this shit. I show these niggas how to stunt.
Yeah I'm what these niggas want 'cause they know I never front, I stunt.
I roll with CEO and stock brocker niggas,
While you be riding around town with the brokest niggas.
Money over everything I'm all about my change.
Im still rich, still the baddest bitch in the game.
Im bout to marry my money, I'm so in love with it. Get on my level hoe, you ain't on my latitude. Fuck this hoe, that hoe, all them bitches lame. I'm filthy rich my money talk loud as shit.
I dont hear ya hoe, here let me turn it down a bit.
Sorry for being conceited thats just my attitude. Them hoes mad, cause I got everything they wish they had. I got plenty cribs, no tellin where I travel too. "Oh My God" he made it hard to keep a straight face.
I got'em on his knees telling me how good it taste.
M-O-E thats the shit that I'm on
If you ain't got no money, take yo broke ass home.
I don't like a man who's too arrogant and cocky.
I don't like guys who try to do too much.
I like the ones that are laid back.
You know he has to have swagger; I don't like no cornball.
To be a female and to be independent and strong
And be determined, focused, and successful? I think that is a very powerful thing.
He took me to his house, "welcome to the safe". You bitches hella fake, I'm getting hella cake. The 'baddest chick' to me is not really just for me, that's just something I feel about myself. That hoe fine , but this hoe killaaa! Up in this pussy feel betta den a lottery,
don't lie to me; I'm a hot commodity.
I don't like to say role model,
But I'll say I definitely consider myself somebody who is a great inspiration to other people.
Mothafuckin diamond prime diva! Damn, I think I got the bird flu,
I'm bout to shit on bitches.
Trend setter, go getter, money maker, bread winner. Dropped in 98 and had da world say 'nah niggah'. i guess i wasn`t enough for you, the things i done for you.
call me, i run to you, whenever you want me to.
what have i done to make you hurt me a time or two?
probably more than a few, my heart still beats for you.
wonder what did i do, damn i should`ve knew.
but still, i didn`t have a clue my life would be so blue.
yeah, i`m hurt, it`s true. not feelin` me next to you,
laughin` at the things you do, kissin` & callin` me boo.
i know i must make a lot of ya`ll hoes sick...
& all i can tell you hoes is, get used to it bitch.
I've been around the world, and everybody hatin.
If they talkin, I'm the topic of they conversation.
I've had a lot of friends and a lot foes.
When you gettin money this is just the way it goes.
boy, this is forreal, it ain`t no joke.
thought i was dreamin` but i know i`m woke.
what you done did that got me so gone?
feels so right, this can`t be wrong.
where you gon` find another bitch like me?
& i don`t care what your friends say.
what we had was like jay-z & beyonce.
i can come to yo' city & make it my town...
so when you see me, hoe, you better smile & don't frown.
only disease i got is itchin` when my money missin`. Livin life of the rich and the famous!