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I thought you were my friend &nd we would be together until the end.
BUT...You fucked everything up &nd said shit that wasn't true.
So now you gotta pay bitch - All the blame is on you.
Stay true to yourself because there are very few people who will stay true to you. Dealing with backstabbers, There's one thing I've learned.
They are only powerful...When you're back is turned.
I miss you so much you were my best friend.
Even though we were little my memories of us will never end.
In the end,
We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
Nowadays there's no honor, only drama.
Your friend today can be your enemy tomorrow.
Its funny how you can be hurt so bad...from the person you least expected it from. Take out the picture blow off the dust.
Take off the frame it's starting to rust.
Remember the times we had together...
What happened to being "Best Friends Forever"?
It's funny how you can grow away from your friends.
when just a few years ago they were the most important people in your life.
I'm not like them. I don't stab people in the back.
You hurt me, I'm warning you...Ill be the next friend you lack.
Some people don't deserve the memories you share with them. The list just keeps getting shorter and shorter,
&nd there's fakes around every corner.
Things change, &nd so do I.
Friendships change too, I always wonder why...
To forget a friend is sad.
Not everyone has had a real friend.
I remember a lot about us.
Those memories are faded now, but I wont forget them.
It's amazing when two strangers become the best of friends,
But its sad when the best of friends become two strangers.
Some people don't catch on they rather just pretend*
While things are going smooth they smile and call you 'friend'.
Funny how you never know who cares until it hurts,
&nd when it's over, does it matter who blew off who first?
The people who hurt me the most were the people who swore they never would. Its funny how your worst enemies always seem to turn out to be all your best friends. Life takes your dreams &nd turns them upside down.
Friends talk about you when you're not around.
People make promises that they never keep,
&nd I've come to realize talk is cheap.
The list just keeps getting shorter & shorter.
With Those fake bi#ches around every corner.
Trust takes years to build &nd only seconds to shatter. It's never your enemies that get you...It's always your own people. To the ones who chose to stab me in the back, stay fake. You always were. The only difference between your friends & your enemies is you know who your enemies are. When shit goes down, sides are taken.
That's when you find out who is real &nd whose faking.
As soon as you start to let go they start to catch on...
When they come back laugh in their face and never give in...
They should've realized what they had before they said for them.
Sometimes I feel like my friends turn against me when their other friends are around. Friends might be "glued" to each other,
But eventually that glue starts to become old and come apart...just like real friendships.