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Sarah: So wait, you call him Captain Awesome?
Chuck: Yeah, wait till you meet him.
Everything he does is awesome. Climbing mountains, jumping out of planes, flossing...
Sarah: I did just come out of a long relationship so I may come with baggage.
Chuck: Well I can be your very own baggage handler.
Sarah: Listen to me Chuck, those men will hurt you...They're from the NSA and they're after you.
Chuck: Why me? I'm nobody! I'm the supervisor of a Nerd Herd at a Buy-More.
Maybe one day I'll be assistant store manager & I don't even know if I want that job.
But you know what? That's not your problem...
Sarah: Come any closer, I shoot!
Casey: You shoot him, I shoot you,
I leave both your bodies here and go out for a late night snack. I'm thinking, maybe pancake?
Sarah: Wow, I didn't think people still named their kids Chuck. Or Morgan, for that matter.
Chuck: My parents were sadists, and carnival freaks found him in a dumpster.
Morgan: But they raised me as one of their own!
So here we are on our date at the Buy-More.
Is this all part of the plan or a chance for me to clock in some overtime? ♥ Quote By: Chuck To Sarah
Chuck: Casey, he's got Sarah, we've gotta save her!
Casey: Brilliant Deduction.
Look, I'm not accusing you of anything... today. Yesterday yes, I may have laid it on a little thick with the accusing. But I'm really sorry about that. Instead of not trusting you I should have been thanking you for saving my life and protecting the country and for making really tasty gourmet wieners... ♥ Quote By: Chuck To Sarah Sarah: I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Chuck: It was our first fight. You know it's a big step if our relationship were remotely real...
If you're planning on hurting me, even to prove a point,
I think you should know I have a very low threshold for pain. ♥ Quote By: Chuck To Sarah
Sarah: You have no reason to be nervous, I'm not going to leave your side.
Chuck: Me? Nervous? No. Never.
Sarah: Your hand is a little moist.
Chuck: Yeah it does that when I'm freaking out.
Chuck: Why are these people sleeping?
Casey: They're not sleeping.
Sarah: These people were killed, Chuck, and we would like to know why.
Chuck: I have no idea!
Casey: Well, look again.
Chuck: I would rather not! It's kinda creepy!
La Ciudad: I think your hand is supposed to be on my hip.
Chuck: Right. Apparently I learned the girls' part of this dance. Would you mind leading?
Chuck, I know what a third wheel is. I know it's me. Give, give me a chance here, man.
Let, let me be a fourth wheel for once. Or maybe I can be any other even number. ♥ Quote By: Morgan
Ellie: Chuck's not here, Morgan.
Morgan: My four favorite words.
Ellie [after Morgan sits next to her]: Get out.
Morgan: Not favorites, but at least we're dialoguing.
Ellie: He's on a date with Sarah. I'll tell him you stopped by.
Morgan: I would appreciate that. He's supposed to be helping me right now.
If I don't become a better salesman by tomorrow night, I could get fired.
Although, I guess I could just crash here until I land on my feet.
Ellie: As inspired as that makes me to help you, I would rather just change the locks.
Morgan: I'll let myself out.
Ellie: Now my four favorite words.
Morgan: What happened, Chuck? You used to be cool.
Chuck: I used to be cool? When, when was that? When we were 13? Well, I hate to go changing on you, buddy, but if you hadn't noticed we are now, chronologically speaking, adults. So, unless you want to work retail for the rest of your life and, by the way, drag me down with you in the process, I would suggest that you grow up!
Chuck: I'm not a salesman. I'm actually part of the nerd herd.
Customer: You must be so proud of yourself.
Chuck: I wouldn't go so far as to say proud.
Captain Awesome: There's one thing, being a man... it's always speaking your mind.
Whatever the cost, always be direct, open, and honest.
Morgan: When I was twelve I hid under Ellie's bed so I could watch her undress.
Captain Awesome: Excellent.
Chuck: You stole my ID?
Casey: I borrowed it to reactivate it. Sorry I couldn't wipe the idiot grin off your face with photoshop.
Sarah: Chuck is not wrong very often.
Casey: But he is annoying all the time.
Casey: So how'd it go?
Chuck: My god, I am in the bathroom! Is nothing sacred to you people?
Chuck: We're on our second date and I'm already lying to her.
Casey: Relax, it's LA, everyone lies while dating.
Casey: How was the date?
Chuck: Is it just me, or does our government want me never to have sex again?
Chuck: Uh, Sis, Morgan is bringing someone tonight.
Ellie: Like a real someone or an imaginary someone?
Chuck: Who saved you?
Bryce: They did.
Chuck: They saved you? Did they? Could you be any more cryptic?
Sarah: Since when did you drink martinis?
Chuck: Oh I don't, but Carmichael (his cover name) loves them.
Kirk: I always bet on red because it reminds me of all the pain and suffering in the world.
Chuck: I always bet on black - Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57.
I'm glad Casey had someone at least once in his life.
I was beginning to think downstairs, he was built like a Ken doll. ♥ Quote By: Chuck
Way to go, Chuck. I always knew you could handle my family jewels. ♥ Quote By: Captain Awesome Chuck: Um, look Sarah. I never really fired a gun before, okay?
I've actually done this on purpose to avoid any unpleasant side-effects, like shooting myself or others.
Sarah: Just shoot the lock or I will shoot you when I get out of here.
Where's the ring Chuck? This is not awesome! ♥ Quote By: Captain Awesome