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[after Vivian asks Will to be her partner at Soul Train]
I'd like to Aunt Viv, really. But it's hard to get my groove on with an old woman. ♥ Quote By: Will
Oh, you don't know "kid talk"??
You know, "bad" is good, "stupid" is wonderful, and "old" is uh... beautiful.
You *so* old Aunt Viv. You're the *oldest* woman I've even seen. ♥ Quote By: Will
I've always wondered...since coffee is made from beans, does that make it a vegetable? ♥ Quote By: Hilary Vivian, you are so naive.
You would believe Will if he told you that he were some big rap star, whose album just went platinum. ♥ Quote By: Phillip Banks
Between you and the humpty dance, I'll have to get a metal plate on my butt. ♥ Quote By: Jazz Jazz: I'm starvin'. When do we eat here?
Phillip Banks: *We* eat here later, *you* eat here never.
Jazz: [looking Phillip up and down] Looks like *you* eat here *often*.
[singing while playing harmonica]
My butler is black/My butler is blue/His honey has green/Comin' out her wazoo. ♥ Quote By: Will
Yeah, my first time was with a girl from the projects. Best 50 bucks I ever spent... ♥ Quote By: Jazz Carlton, I think you've been deprived of oxygen at birth. ♥ Quote By: Will [explaining a shrunken shirt]
The directions on the shirt said "Hand Wash".
So that's exactly what I did.
Before I put the clothes in the washer, I washed my hands.
♥ Quote By: Jazz
What kind of idiot picks a password no one can guess? ♥ Quote By: Hilary Phillip Banks: Geoffrey, bring me my tools.
Geoffrey: Do you mean your knife and fork, sir?
Maybe I sometimes say things that are selfish and self-centered, but that's who I am, dammit. ♥ Quote By: Hilary Girl: Excuse me, what's a nine-letter word for "Terrific?"
Will: That's easy: "Will Smith."
Girl, you look so good, I wish I could plant you and grow a whole FIELD of y'all. ♥ Quote By: Will Girl, you look so good, I would marry your brother just to get in your family. ♥ Quote By: Will Girl, if God created anything less pitiful than you, I hope he kept it for himself. ♥ Quote By: Will It's your world squirrel, I'm just trying to get a nut. ♥ Quote By: Will Ain't no thang but a chicken wing. ♥ Quote By: Will Roses are red, violets are blue, Jazz and I are black but Carlton what are you? ♥ Quote By: Will Man, I love Halloween!
It's the only time of year when a black man can wear a mask at night and not get arrested! ♥ Quote By: Will