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Oliver: You given any thought to who you might be voting for?
Shelley: I definitely won't listen to what Simon says, he is just so mean. I usually always agree with Paula and Randy.
Shelley: Oh, you meant the president.
Mona: You like what you see, stud?
Guy at bar: Not really sure what I'm looking at, metal-face. Let me guess, is it a Hannibal Lecter thing?
Mona: Yeah, it is.
[bites his arm]
Shelley: They're kicking me out?
Marvin: Maybe it's because of your age.
Shelley: But I'm 27.
Marvin: But that's 59 in Bunny Years.
Shelley: My heart is pounding like a nail! Shelley: Good morning Pooter! You're looking dapper! Shelley: The eyes are the nipples of the face. Shelley: Manhole. I like that word. Manhole. Shelley: Kindness is just love with its work boots on. Shelley: My allergic reaction made me feel beautiful. Carrie Mae: Do you guys know where the crapper is? I have to drop some timber. Shelley: Instead of the Mahi-Mahi, can I get just the one Mahi, because I'm not that hungry? Natalie: [taking pictures of Harmony for their calendar]
Keep doing that. Keep doing that. Make love to the camera.[laughs]
Natalie: I saw that in Austin Powers.
Shelley: Yeah. Work it. Think, really sexy witch. Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Harmony: A good witch.
Shelley: I think you're a bad witch.
Harmony: Oh!
Shelley: Oh! I bet the house that falls on you is gonna be a sexy house.
Natalie: Work it. Work it. You're like a supermodel, except more pregnant.